Raising the Survival Rate of Social Enterprises

Hiring sucks.

Even when everything goes great, hiring takes time and attention away from your work, and in the meantime, the work you want your new members to be doing is either stuck or weighing heavily on someone’s shoulders. And when you make a bad hire, they can actively damage your organization and your mission.

We can help you hire less by retaining and growing your current team.


It’s why your employees work with you, and not a bank. Enable them to stay connected with purpose. They’ll enable you to succeed.

How do you bring individual contributors, especially those isolated from the front lines of your social impact mission, into contact or integration with the purpose and story of your organisation? Everyone lives to be the protagonist of their lives. How do you enable their productive struggle within your org to *change* both themselves and your organisation for the better?

The Problem With ()

It’s easy to deliberately work for a strong mission-driven organisation like your own & still feel disconnection and lack of purpose in your work if you aren’t directly engaged with leadership or the direct beneficiaries of your mission. A corollary: those best positioned to help with this sense of disconnection are the least likely to be experiencing it themselves.

What we’re building

A better way to communicate & reinforce purpose–including wins, potential, stories, anecdotes–throughout your organisation, and tied to specific inputs to build connectedness to purpose.